What is Spacial Rift 2?
Spacial Rift 2 is a web-based, science-fiction, strategy game currently in public alpha testing.

What does it cost to play?
SR2 is not yet completed, and is currently in an early stage of development. You are encouraged to create a colony and login, and help shape what SR2 will become! SR2 will never require players to pay money... but in the release (a long time away) you may see things like banner ads, or special "ranks" given to players who contribute money.

Who is working on SR2?
Only I have access to the "code" behind Spacial Rift 2. Over the course of there are others who may help out with testing, ideas, etc, and in the future, probably graphics too.

Why not get more people to help you and be done faster?
Because I'm making the game for selfish reasons. I want a really cool game to play that I will enjoy.

What is the goal of the game?
To have fun of course. ;) I assume people will approach the game with slightly different goals. Some to just have fun or to do what their friends are doing. Some to become the most powerful player, and others may want to be the most technologically advanced player.

Are there turns?
There aren't turns per se in SR2. The game is time-based, meaning that things happen over time. Most things in the game happen in small increments. You research things over time, you build ships a little bit a time, and you gain resources a little bit at a time. There isn't one huge "tick" every day, and you don't accumulate turns and then "spend the turns." The first I find annoying, and the second seems too out of context... what is a "turn" after all. Do I wake up and think, "I have 100 turns today.. what should I do?" No! We think about time, and that's the way I designed Spacial Rift 2.