Welcome to Spacial Rift II.
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07/25/2006Temperate Climate Rejuvinated
Server is back up.

07/21/2006Mercury Rising
Due to extreme heat and lack of real server facilities, SR2 may be shutdown for the weekend without further notice. I'm sure those playing already have the necessary patience. Hopefully I will have enough time to work on the code for the second ascension soon...

The Plan: This will be the final alpha round of SR2, and the next rounds will be called "Transitional" ... a phase I am making up that will be inbetween alpha and beta, where a lot of work will be done on the interface and server initially, followed by a few refinements and additions to gameplay that will get SR2 ready for true beta testing.
03/17/20068th Round of Alpha Testing Begins
It may be the trailing minutes of St. Patrick's Day, here on the West Coast, but SR2 is finally back!

It might be a rough round, and it might go smoothly - I just have no way of knowing right now. I suspect that a lot of the new content will require more than a few fixes, but I'm hoping it's a fun round nonetheless! :) Especially if everyone is patient... ;) Enjoy!

There isn't anything to do right now, per se... since ticks have not started and everyone is in Isolation. Please wait for your fellow SR2ers to find out that the game is up and running (or spread the word!)